Luminary with 144,000 hours life-time | CSYS Task Light

Design: Jake Dyson
Trends: Improved cooling system, based on a heat-pipes, increases the life-time of the LEDs and of the luminary.
Features: “3 Axis Glide” motion – With a light touch of the finger the lamp arm can be slid up and down, as well as horizontally. This is achieved by the use of a counterweight pulley system, which is perfectly balanced—as the weight moves down the rod, the lamp arm glides up.
Sources: Dyson



Using heat pipe technology found in satellites, heat is directed away from the LEDs and distributed through an “aluminum heat sink” within the lamp’s horizontal “arm.” Each of the eight LEDs are placed in a conical reflector, which takes care of glare, and gives off 587Ix of warm light.




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