IKEA’S TRÅDFRI – Smart Lighting Platform

Design: IKEA
Trends: Trådfri is designed to be plug-and-play, so the bulbs can be used in any lamp with standard socket sizes.
Features: The series isn’t compatible with Amazon Echo or Google Home, but it is compatible with smart-home hubs that connect using ZigBee technology. IKEA plans to roll out updates to the technology in the future. This will include an Away from Home feature in the app, allowing users to remotely set their lights on timers, and check whether they turned lights off.
Sources: IKEA

“Think of the Trådfri kits as an entry-level light that you can build upon, that hopefully inspires and encourages you to start experimenting with your light at home,” said Björn Block, business leader for IKEA Home Smart.



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